Founded in 1999, Glory Group has been offering tailored and customer-focused property service to maximise our clients’ capital growth and yield from their real estate assets.
We have built a reputation for excellence and ability to deliver exceptional service in real estate development, residential sales, project marketing, commercial, and rental management.
With our experience in property management, we promise to offer both local and overseas investors a stress-free investment from day one.
We are looking forward to achieving results beyond your expectations.

Glory Group成立于1999年,一直致力于为客户提供量身定制和以客户为中心的房产物业服务,给客户带来最大的资本增值和租金收益率。
我们建立了在房地产开发, 住宅销售,项目营销,商铺销售和租赁管理等领域的良好声誉,并提供卓越的服务。